A Striking Perception!

Author: Pratibha Kujur

My daughter, who is artistically inclined, is very fond of making sketches and coloring. At this particular period in time when she was four years young, she had been happily engaged in her favorite pastime- – -drawing.

Crayons in all sizes and colors were strewn all around her as she sat deeply engrossed in creating her work of art. She had filled up the plain A4 size paper with a variety of fish. Using her vivid imagination, she had colored these creatures with the brightest hues possible! After marveling at her own artistic talent, she went over to her grandma and proudly displayed the creation.

Devoted as she was to her granddaughter, my mother responded with, “Wow! This is a huge haul of fish you have drawn!” I could momentarily see a flicker of disappointment on my daughter’s countenance; soon my spunky little lady turned around and retorted, “Oh no, these are not fish; it’s an ocean!” We were struck with her eye for creativity; she had created her own unique interpretation of the world around her.

What a striking perception this four-year old had displayed!

My daughter with her child-like innocence chose to view the world from a wider *whole* perspective as unlike us adults who generally focus on minor aspects of life. The vast, wide ocean was all hers for the taking with fish being only one part of the whole big picture. Kids with their largeness of hearts do take time and use their resources to look at life’s larger picture.

What an unforgettable lesson we all learned that day!

The above valuable lesson which my four-year old daughter had once taught me, led me to wonder today: What if we adults were asked to make a sketch of our world, how many of us would use our ingenuity to include not only continents and oceans and countries, but its people with different cultures, traditions and languages- – -all mingled together to proclaim, “We are the world, we are the people- – -” Would you?

Photo credit: http://morguefile.com/


  1. Gabby said on November 1st at 6:56 pm:

    Hello Pratibha!

    It’s admirable that you as a parent take the time and interest to be observant and receptive to their children’s perceptions on life.

    Today, with our hectic pace of living, not many parents are inclined to do so.

    KUDOS to you for your genuine interest in parenting.


  2. Pratibha Kujur said on November 4th at 4:39 am:

    Thank you very much for your kind comments. I love observing the way children perceive different situations and often get amazed by the way they respond. I feel we can have a lot to learn from them.

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