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Author: Pratibha Kujur

I often encourage and motivate my children to think and speak positively until one fine day, it was my son who made me realize that I was not practicing what I preached.

This incident happened a year ago in March 2009, when my son Gavin was seven years. Gavin had been excitedly preparing  for a Mother’s Day presentation in which he was to play the role of an angel.  While I was  cooking the evening meal and carrying on a casual conversation with the kids,  Gavin blurted out what must have been on his mind and  asked, ” Mom, can we see angels?”

Thinking this to be yet  another opportunity for me to reinforce the concept of positivity,  I replied, “Yes, but only those persons who are good and practice good thoughts, words and deeds in their lives, can see the angels.” To this, in a fraction of a moment Gavin responded,  ” You must have seen them then!”  This spontanous remark, with no deliberate attempt to pay a compliment,  the child-like innocence in believing his mother to be a perfect person, left me momentarily dumbfounded.

I saw Gavin impatiently glance in my direction in expectation of a positive response. However, I chose to be honest with him and simply said, ” No. I haven’t really been a good person all the time.” I simply had to take the risk of disappointing  my son, knowing fully well  that soon  his vision of a picture-perfect mother would be shattered.

But I was in for a bigger surprise when he said, ” It’s alright you know, try to be better next time.” I was amazed at Gavin’s instinctive reaction. His positive approach and child-like wisdom indeed  made me the proudest mother on earth that day!

Today, his words continue to hold a special place in my heart and shall stay with me for the rest of my life. What a monumental  lesson in ‘positivity’ my seven-year boy had taught me, his doting mother.

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  1. Gabby said on October 18th at 11:34 pm:

    What a fantastic eye-opener for a great mom!

    Yes indeed, we adults can learn a lot from our kids.


  2. Pratibha Kujur said on October 19th at 9:42 am:

    Thanks Gabby.

    Yes, we can indeed learn a lot from our kids but I believe it can only happen if we, as parents, give the required importance to our kids queries and always keep the learning mode switched on.

  3. Gregory Despain said on November 24th at 7:18 am:

    This is great stuff, thanks!

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