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Author: Vasco Gaspar

Sometimes it’s funny to stop at an outdoor cafe, sit down and just look around. Watching the birds, the trees, of course the people. ‘ To where are people running?’ is a question that occurs to me when I sit down to ponder.

A lot of us, especially those who live in big cities, do not realize that we move quickly, with scowling faces and the vacant look of those who are not in the present but already at the destination to where we all travel. In this day to day traffic, this is frequently noticed. It is odd to think that most of us are ofetn rushing to get to the destination and not realising that the final aim is, after all, our own end. The more we hurry the sooner we tend to get there.

Most of us postpone happiness towards our future goals. And when we do have the time to pause to “do nothing”, we often spend this “precious” moments doing one of two things: “looking at rearview mirror”, “ruminating” on what we did or in what others, and the world did to us; or “looking to the future”, most times felling anxious just imagining the (self-created ?) obstacles towards our goals.

It is in the range of these two moments (“running” to the future vs. “ruminating” on the past) that life happens. Take your time to reflect on this for a moment because it is very simple, yet so important.

Just as the river water passes only once at the same place, the same is with life, it only happens now, at this very moment when you are reading this text. What you have lived no one can take away from you. But you’ve had to “be there”, present, to bear and witness to the living.

If you want to “be here” more often, I suggest that you nurture and develop this capacity.

There are several activities you can do for this purpose. You can, for example, include in your daily routine short breaks to relax. It can be four minutes “away” from everything, where your only concern is breathing consciously. It can be small “tours”, with total presence, whenever you have to go from point A (eg. your house) to point B (eg. your work). It can be a conscious choice,  to go down by the stairs instead of the elevator. It may be even only brief moments where you raise your head from the computer and simply look away, to nothing in particular. In the days where you feel tense can even choose to make a relaxing massage, or any other activity that will compensate for the health and welfare.

If the voice in your head says “you don’t have the time / money /etc.  … for this “, I suggest you to stop, listen and look …. relax … breathe deeply two or three times …  Stop a moment, THIS moment. Look, your life is happening NOW, can you see it? Relax… the world won’t run away from you.

And always remember, we are all about being the “human beings”, not the “human doings”.

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  1. Gabby said on December 8th at 7:07 pm:

    Thanks Vasco for sharing these valuable tips to us.

    If only we take time to listen to our ” inner” voice, the world would indeed be a happier place to live in.

  2. Pedro Garcia Lopes said on December 13th at 4:59 pm:


    Thank You for sharing with Us so many wisdom tips!
    Best regards!


  3. Vasco Gaspar said on March 31st at 6:04 pm:

    Thank you for your comments! :)

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