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Fat as Part of a Healthy Diet

Author: Linda DiBella Eat fat, don’t eat fat.  Don’t eat saturated fat, eat saturated fat.  If you’ve been confused about what type and how much fat to include in your diet, you’re not alone.  Yet one thing is certain:  after many years being told to avoid fat (do you remember the no fat, high carb [...]

The Importance of Protein as Part of Healthy Diet

Author: Linda DiBella There are three macronutrients derived from the foods we eat:  proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.  Of the three, protein is the only one that cannot be stored in the body.   What’s interesting about this is that what makes up most of our cells, organs, glands, tissues and bones are proteins.  They are the [...]

Breaking the Sugar Habit

Author: Linda DiBella Sugar:  it’s one of the most common forms of addiction and can have profound negative affects on health and well-being.  In addition to the spikes and crashes in blood sugar that arise from excess consumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates, they are leading factors in the obesity and type II diabetes epidemics [...]