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“How do I cope with a classmate, who was previously a good friend but since he got a new friend, he helps his new friend in bullying me?”

This question has been asked by a 9 year old boy. Let us call him by the name A. He has been a very good friend to a classmate (B) until one day a new student (C) joins the class. To help C adapt to the new environment, the teacher asks B to sit next to [...]

Why Do We Have only 1 Life? – Question asked by an 8 year old child.

Answered by: Gool Bugwadia Life follows a Natural Divine Order. It is the most precious gift you and I can ever have and it comes solely from God, our Creator. We only have one life because God willed it so. We humans are all children of the same God- – -no matters by what name [...]