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Heart of Forgiveness

Author: Gool Bugwadia Our gift to you on this day 14th Nov. It was on this day that India’s First Prime Minister -Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was born. He had a very close rapport with children and they loved him dearly. To mark this occasion, we have put up a special article focusing on an important aspect in [...]

A Striking Perception!

Author: Pratibha Kujur My daughter, who is artistically inclined, is very fond of making sketches and coloring. At this particular period in time when she was four years young, she had been happily engaged in her favorite pastime- – -drawing. Crayons in all sizes and colors were strewn all around her as she sat deeply [...]

Angel Talks

Author: Pratibha Kujur I often encourage and motivate my children to think and speak positively until one fine day, it was my son who made me realize that I was not practicing what I preached. This incident happened a year ago in March 2009, when my son Gavin was seven years. Gavin had been excitedly preparing  for a [...]

My Son Reminded Me of Compassion & Caring

Author: Janice We were a young and struggling family….many a day it was a fight to put  food on the table. At times it was a meagre meal, but always a healthy one. As was the play lunch & lunch I sent to Primary School daily with my son. For about three weeks my son [...]