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Interview with Dr. Kobad Bugwadia

As most of you know, our aim at ‘My Bright Child’ is to promote the essentials of positive parenting to our readers. To initiate a bright new beginning in 2011, we wish to diversify and bring to you a series of interviews from experts in their respective fields pertaining to children’s all-round development. In today’s [...]

Develop Your Child’s Motor Skills through Play

Author: Gool Bugwadia The early childhood years can be the most exciting years for your child’s development. Parents being closest to their children during this critical period, can primarily be instrumental in developing their child’s motor skills through play. Parents who exercise gentle guidance through a balanced round of activities, are better able to develop [...]

How to help your child develop self-confidence

Author: Gool Bugwadia Children, who feel good about themselves, are naturally inclined to be self-confident. It is the parents who play a major role in shaping their children’s attitude, feelings and behavior. It is they who can help develop their child’s self confidence; it is they who can adopt a positive approach and consistently guide [...]

From The Parent Coach: Developing Social Depth In An Age Of Text Messaging

Author: Dr. Steven Richfield Today’s communication technologies hasten the pace of connecting to others while spawning the chase to increase contacts and stay updated within one’s social group. The culture of “instant interaction” is especially evident within the young, where technology has redefined “talking” as detached shorthand texts that minimize verbal interaction. Opportunities to advance [...]