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Stay away from toxic people

Author: Vasco Gaspar Co-Author: Pratibha Kujur I believe that some people are more complete than others. The thing that demarcates them from the rest is their level of consciousness. But nobody’s perfect. As social beings, we all need each other to survive in society. However some beings think that they are self-sufficient and will never [...]

Awaken your senses, flirt with life

Author: Vasco Gaspar Co-Author: Pratibha Kujur Many of you, presently reading this article must be having the feeling that “in my life, there is hardly anything positive.” If some of you do so, then I ask you a question: have you really been paying attention to the good and beautiful things happening every day around [...]

Communicating effectively

Author: Vasco Gaspar Because we do not communicate with words only We communicate in many different shapes and sizes – through gestures, glances, symbols, words, etc… Our society evolved because we were able to impart knowledge and create new one based on the existing one. Our education system is based on the assumption that information [...]

The need to give importance to what is important

Author: Vasco Gaspar Excuses and procrastination Have you ever gone through the scenario of standing in the kitchen after a meal, gazing at stacks of plates and speculating to wash them the next day? I bet this is quite a common scene for many of you. We do not only postpone small tasks like doing [...]

Make mistakes

Author: Vasco Gaspar Co-Author: Pratibha Kujur The importance of error making to our development We live in a culture that devalues the power of errors. They are seen as “targets to be exterminated” or evils that should be “swept under the rug” as soon as possible. We even like pointing them out in others. It [...]

Emotional nutrition

Author: Vasco Gaspar “Watch out to what you let inside your house.” If I eat fat, I become  fat. If I drink alcohol, I get drunk. If I consume fear… I get frightened. Let’s contemplate a little bit more on the last sentence. If I consume fear… I get frightened. I get frightened if I [...]

Learn to befriend your fears (and make the most of it)

Author: Vasco Gaspar Fear is perhaps the most… scary emotion! In fact, there are even some people who develop the “queen of phobias”: fear of having fear. Normally, nobody likes to feel the fear but it is an undeniable fact that this emotion has played a key role in our survival since time immemorial. Ever [...]

Continuous learning – the essence of a happy and successful life

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” ~ Chinese Proverb Author: Vasco Gaspar, Co-author: Pratibha Kujur Many of you must have noticed that the problems which you face in your life have already been experienced by others. And many people have overcome them effectively… and some have even reported their experiences in [...]

The opportunities that the crisis gives us

Author: Vasco Gaspar For years we have been fed with the notion that happiness is something that could be sought externally and could be “conquered” by the simple use of certain objects, toys or gadgets marketed by numerous agencies. While this has been happening, we have also become increasingly “disconnected” from the world around us, [...]

Thirst for wellbeing

Author: Vasco Gaspar Imagine that you have a car that can reach upto a maximum of 200 km / h. One day, you suddenly have an emergency and you really need to rush to the maximum speed but despite the accelerator pedal being fully pressed, the car fails to even exceed 160 km / h. [...]