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Laughter is the best medicine

Author: Vasco Gaspar Did you know that children laugh hundreds of times per day compared to adults who laugh much less. There are even people who seem to have forgotten how to laugh. Is this your case? How long haven’t you had a good laugh? You know, the type of laugh which brings tears to [...]

Wake up on life by keeping an eye on your sleep!

Author: Vasco Gaspar What if something weird starts happening to you and you start sleeping for 24 years in a row. In fact, if you reach 80 years, this will also be the average time that you have passed between the sheets. There are many theories about sleep but the truth is that nobody knows [...]

Living the moving pleasure!

Author: Vasco Gaspar Imagine someone coming closer and telling you to choose any two the following options: – increase your intelligence; – solve problems easily and quickly; – reduce muscle pain; – increase physical endurance; – better able to control the appetite; – be resistant to disease; – treat mild depressions (better than Prozac); – [...]

Integral Nutrition

Author: Vasco Gaspar Imagine that you have a house and, from time to time you need to go about changing the damaged bricks. Now, imagine that this house is your body and is composed of trillions of bricks. Depending on the level of your activity, it is estimated that your “home” renews nearly all its [...]

Breathing: the youth elixir

Author: Vasco Gaspar If I had to choose only one practice to work wellness to a full level, I would have no doubts as to what to choose : “breathing” of course! Yes, the same thing that just went into your lungs and out. Breathing is something so powerful that if used correctly can even [...]

Capture moments and live now

Author: Vasco Gaspar Sometimes it’s funny to stop at an outdoor cafe, sit down and just look around. Watching the birds, the trees, of course the people. ‘ To where are people running?’ is a question that occurs to me when I sit down to ponder. A lot of us, especially those who live in [...]

Walk your own path to live a purposeful life

Author: Vasco Gaspar “Most people spend more time planning their vacations than their own life” This is a quote I heard a long time back from Robin Sharma which gave me serious food for thought. Isn’t it true, how perfectly it describes our life? In today’s busy life, we are “so busy being busy” and [...]

Tips on how to start the day with a positive attitude

Author: Vasco Gaspar It’s often defying to begin the day with a positive attitude, specially if you’ve been in a sulky mood for days. The good news is that we can train ourselves to think more positively by understanding how our brain works. Most times the brain works in a similar fashion to the computer: [...]

Children’s happiness begins with the parent’s happiness

Author: Vasco Gaspar As parents we only seek the best for our children and wish they lead a happy and successful life. Unfortunately, at times we are sceptical whether we can always make them reach those two goals at the same time. It is a fact that the children’s well-being begins with the parents’ well-being. [...]