Continuous learning – the essence of a happy and successful life

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” ~ Chinese Proverb

Author: Vasco Gaspar, Co-author: Pratibha Kujur

Many of you must have noticed that the problems which you face in your life have already been experienced by others. And many people have overcome them effectively… and some have even reported their experiences in books. So what do you think can be the secret lying behind the success of those people? The answer is simple: investment in knowledge and skills.

There exist no quick fix solution to all our problems. To be able to face any crisis, we must equip ourselves with the power of knowledge and skills so that in due time, we have the tools to break through the challenges, rise up and come out a winner. This is the reason why it is of prime importance to always keep on investing in methods of acquiring more and more knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, in this so called “modern society”, there are still so many people who continue to stress on and live according to the same knowledge they acquired ages ago. It’s just like being a woodcutter who never bothers to sharpen his axe! May be sometimes it is difficult to “sharpen the axe” but the fact remains that it then becomes much more easier and faster to cut down a tree!

Let’s go through a few simple tips which can help you empower yourselves with knowledge and skills:

Always have a good book to read

Some people say that reading a book is just like having a conversation with the author. In this sense if we are the average person conversing with the author, aren’t we elevating ourselves to the level of some of the most intelligent and interesting people out there? It doesn’t matter if it take you days to finish a book, just include reading as part of your daily routine so that you gradually cultivate the habit to read.

Make continuous learning a priority

To add to the argument above, do you know that continuous learning is a major factor related to mental health and longevity?

In this sense, my first challenge for you is: Think of something you’d like to learn. Look up for a book to help you and begin learning  in the next 24 hours. Invest in yourself, sharpen your axe!

Surround yourself by intelligent people

Another simple way to upgrade yourself is by getting into the company of knowledgeable people whose prime interests are to convey uplifting messages for the advancement of human beings, as the saying goes: “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are” you can achieve this by attending workshops or by joining networks where healthy discussions are held.

Write or do journalling

If we now turn the other side of the coin, to discover the perspective of the writer, did you know that writing is an activity that can contribute enormously to your well-being, especially when you feel “down” or face difficult challenges? Many studies show that people who habitually write regularly tend to be happier. It is a very effective method even in trauma cases, because the act of writing allows one to gain distance on their “history” and, therefore, to reorganize memories in a healthier way, like narratives constructed around the memories.

At this stage I put you, then, to the second challenge: get a notebook and start writing regularly about your life, about what you feel, what challenges you feel coming ahead, which objectives you want to achieve in the future, etc. No need to do it daily. Try writing in the early morning between 5 to 10 minutes, once or twice a week.

And I leave you with a trick if you consider writing to be a difficult task: don’t think. Just put down pen to paper, relax and let the words pour out. Do not worry whether they make sense or not, you’re not competing for the Nobel prize for Literature. Just let your hands guide you. Write to you, simply with you.


  1. Michelle said on March 29th at 10:49 pm:

    I want to thank you a whole lot for the job you have made in writing this post. I am hoping the same most reliable work by you down the road too.

  2. Vasco Gaspar said on March 31st at 3:53 pm:

    Thank you Michelle! I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed it.

    Your words are also to Pratibha, since she co-authored the text.

    Have a great day!

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