Emotional nutrition

Author: Vasco Gaspar

“Watch out to what you let inside your house.”

If I eat fat, I become  fat.
If I drink alcohol, I get drunk.
If I consume fear… I get frightened.

Let’s contemplate a little bit more on the last sentence.

If I consume fear… I get frightened. I get frightened if I develop the so-called negative stress or distress (there is positive stress, or eustress). If distress develops, it activates at least one of the following three “emotional voices” inside of me:

  1. The Pessimist voice, that gives rise to  hopelessness and leads me to conceive thoughts like “everything will go wrong, I can never overcome this fear however hard I try…”;
  2. The Punitive voice, that “reminds ” me what I’m worthy of and what I didn’t achieve in my life for e.g. “I have got no experience, no knowledge, I did not complete my education, etc …”;
  3. The Submissive Voice, which weakens me and leads to  thoughts like “I can not do anything unless somebody else helps me .”

These “voices” “speaking” inside my head  generate even more fear and create a  cycle which goes on intensifying… Does It makes sense to you?

Have you ever tried to notice how and when do  the majority of people continue to consume massive amounts of fear every day? No need to rack your brains, just watch any of the newscasts and you’ll figure out the amount transmitted. According to one study, nearly 50% of the openings of television news are done with negative news, such as  accidents and disasters. This study was performed before the economical “crisis”. Just imagine how the indexes are in present days …

And if you think  that watching the news constantly is helping you to stay updated… think again. For your information, know  that a person consulting a weekly newspaper is much better informed than one who hears the news every hour. It seems incredible but it’s a fact that the continuous telecasting of extra information does not allow enough breathing space for us to actually notice the changes that have occurred. It’s a bit like the sensation that one has when they see us after a substantial gap, for example after one month,  and can notice our weight variance whereas we cannot tell the difference as we have been looking at ourselves in the mirror every day.

As if the news is not enough, just “switch over  the channels” and you’ll discover  how most of the broadcatsed stuffs are equally negative; films which take the greatest pleasure  to exhibit  human sufferings or humans inflicting pain on others, magazines which explores  empty, plastic and botox lives of people, documentaries which look into various scandals, etc… What can you expect to draw from these types of programs except stress, fear and anxiety?

All these things take us away from who we truly are and who we can potentially become one day. If we’ll put excessive trust in what is being transmitted to us daily and it accept blindly, then it won’t take long for us to start living by the principle of “Garbage in, Garbage Out”.

So, next time when you close the door of your house to prevent strangers from entering, be careful to check on the “windows” that you might have left open without taking notice.

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