Living the moving pleasure!

Author: Vasco Gaspar

Imagine someone coming closer and telling you to choose any two the following options:

- increase your intelligence;
- solve problems easily and quickly;
- reduce muscle pain;
- increase physical endurance;
- better able to control the appetite;
- be resistant to disease;
- treat mild depressions (better than Prozac);
- reduce the risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes;
- be happier.

Would you be able to make any decision whatsoever? What would you choose? Quite a difficult decision isnt it? What if I told you that you can choose all of the above with only small resolution? Something which is as simple as putting yourself in motion.

The term “exercise” is usually associated with situations including pain or suffering and the complicated logistics of a gym. I prefer to think in motion by being positive and refering to energy and dynamism. In addition, it is something that is not restricted to “physical exercise” but is included in all our lives. For example, regard to simple decisions like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

The reason why movement is necessary to our well-being is because we evolved over millions of years as being nomadic beings. Our “primitive grandparents”, for instance, walked on average 15 miles per day, so our brains have evolved accordingly. Nowadays, most people do not walk this distance in months! It’s like having a Ferrari and only using it to walk in the garage back and forth. The sedentary lifestyle that many of us adopt today creates a problem in our bodies and our brains. We are unable to respond to challenges quickly and effectively, we become vulnerable to disease and we cannot easily eliminate some toxins, all of this due to the demands of modern life that are so harmful to our health, specially in big cities.

In this sense, I challenge you to make the decision to start moving more. No need to rush joining a gym. You may choose simply to walk more, or avoid being sitting at one place. If you choose a sport, choose an activity that really gives you pleasure, because pain and sports don’t work together. That is the reason why usually people quit gyms. Finally, be persistent. Just as a rocket spends most fuel on the first part of its trip, new activities implemented require more persistence on your part at the beginning . Stay focused and you will see that with time the results will come.

You will feel rewarded, lighter, powerful and certainly a lot happier!

Also remember to stimulate your kids to try different sports and activities. And always remember to motivate them by the pleasure associated with the activities.

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