My Son Reminded Me of Compassion & Caring

Author: Janice

We were a young and struggling family….many a day it was a fight to put  food on the table. At times it was a meagre meal, but always a healthy one.

As was the play lunch & lunch I sent to Primary School daily with my son.

For about three weeks my son came home ravenous for something to eat before dinner, this had me a bit puzzled as I knew I was giving him enough food to get him through his school day.   After questioning him one afternoon, to my surprise,  I  found he had  been  sharing  his food with  a  young  boy  who was  coming to school,  without  any  food.

On visiting the school the next day around lunch time, with  another lunch in hand,  I  discovered to my disbelief  and shock,  what my son  was telling  me was true. I  found my son sharing his lunch with a young boy who looked liked he was starving.

Picking my son up from school everyday,  I  soon made a effort to befriend this boy’s Mum, who also looked like it had been a long time since she had had a decent meal. She was just skin & bones.

She was a Mum bringing up her son on her own and  finding it hard to get a job. The government assistance she was receiving was keeping a roof over their head and after paying bills, there wasn’t much left for food or clothes.

This broke my heart but as a struggling family, I couldn’t  see how I could help on my own.

At a Mothers Club Meeting, consisting of ten members, we put together a plan to help this proud & loving Mum trying to do the right thing by her son, in hard times.

Not much could be afforded by any of us, but we agreed on  $3 per month….giving the Mum $30 per month.

For one year, we helped this lady & her son out, till she  found a job. To see the remarkable change in this little boy’s personality, physical well-being and his school, was so touching.

My son had recognised the need for  compassion & caring for others.

On our own we may not be able to achieve a lot, but by pooling our resources and working as a group we can make a difference to many people who are in great need.


  1. Gabby said on October 14th at 4:50 pm:

    Your simple story is heartwarming- – -it specifically indicates how a child, can find love and compassion for another child in need.

    The fact that you took time to go into depth and find out what truly motivated your son, sets a good example to many of us adults- – - who are primarily caught up in their own personal lives.

    Your story clearly focuses on one important aspect in life, ” Little things do mean a lot.” Your thoughtfulness in inspiring a monthly contribution of $3/- is indeed a great lesson in itself. KUDOS!


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