New Year Special: Ten Best Gifts for Your Child

Author: Gool Bugwadia

As parents, we all have a natural desire to gift our children on all occasions. We shower these gifts because we love and appreciate our children and want them to feel happy and cherished. Indeed, there’s no problem with that; but this season why not also gift your children with something extra special besides the material gifts you’ll buy them?

These ten best gifts money cannot buy, but only you as parents can tenderly gift them; these are the gifts that can leave a lasting impact on your children’s lives. However, please note that these gifts cannot be given at one shot and left untended; these gifts grow in value and intensity when given each and every day, all throughout the year.

So parents, beginning from this New Year make sure to gift your children these ten best gifts:

1 ~ Healthy Habits

Healthy habits when ingrained in early childhood can have a significant, life-time impact on your child’s health – - -physically, mentally and emotionally. This gift encompasses the importance of a healthy lifestyle, habits of cleanliness and proper hygiene, eating nutritious meals and ensuring an adequate amount of sleep and exercise.

2 ~ Tender Loving Care

All children, no matter what their age, race, culture or social status, thrive with this timeless gift of love. Parents, who consistently nurture their children with this life-enhancing gift, can empower their children with feelings of self-worth and a positive sense of identity.

3 ~ Understanding

All children have an innate need to be accepted and understood for who they are. Parents who understand their children’s needs, can contribute to developing their self-image- – -which can ultimately serve as a foundation for success in their adult years. As Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis said, “You can be the busiest woman in the world, but if you are not understanding of your child’s needs, all is lost.”

4 ~ Time

Quality time spent together in mutual companionship can be one of the most precious gifts your child can ever have. It can build a strong bond between you and your child and create a repertoire of wondrous memories. Taking the time to imbibe good communication skills in your child, can yield rich dividends in the future.

5 ~ Education

In today’s competitive age, parents who take keen interest in inculcating good study habits at home while monitoring their children’s progress at school can equip their children with the gift of good education.  Offering children a vast array of opportunities can help children to observe and learn, imbibe important life skills and gain valuable knowledge. This valuable gift can carve a bright future for your child.

6 ~ Values

Gift your children with a set of strong values like honesty, humility, kindness and respect. Fostering these positive traits at a young age, can contribute to the formation of good character and motivate children to lead good and productive lives. Children who have been taught to value and appreciate the blessings they receive each day, like a stable home, caring parents and many splendored opportunities for personal development, can learn the essence of positive living.

7 ~ Self-discipline

Teaching the fundamentals of self-discipline is a priceless gift parents can give to their children. Self-discipline entails, abiding by the rules and adhering to an accepted code of conduct. It also includes development of time-management skills like completing all assignments and chores in time. Self-discipline can be a critical measure of success in children’s adult lives.

8 ~ Responsibility

Instilling a sense of responsibility in children can enable them to move towards independence by making independent decisions and good choices in life. It could prepare them to face challenges and handle problems effectively in the future. Children need to be responsible for their behavior and learn to accept the consequences of their actions.  It is the most rewarding gift parents can give to their child.

9 ~ Security

The gift of security can bring out the best in children. Children who are secure in their relationships and in their home environment have a better chance of developing into individuals of strength, intelligence and character. Since their lives are free from fear and stress, they are capable of making rapid progress in all areas of child development.

10 ~ Street smartness

Experts in this field strongly believe that parents need to teach their children the lessons of ‘street-smartness.’ In today’s dangerous times, wherein child safety issues are becoming increasingly problematic, children need to learn how to confront adverse situations and avoid accidents or mistreatments like mob-teasing on the ‘streets’. It is therefore important for parents to encourage children to practice acting promptly if lost or stranded.

~ Conclusion

Parents who are dedicated in gifting their children with the above ten gifts, can usher in a huge positive impact in their lives. In doing so, they can effectively provide them with the finest opportunities for personal growth; your child will then be the proud recipient of these life-long gifts and create a worthy place for himself/herself in the world.
Finally, “Gift your child roots to cling to and wings to fly.” –Denis Waitley, in ‘Seeds of Greatness.’

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  1. Nancy Browne said on December 29th at 3:06 pm:

    Miss Gool,

    An outstanding piece! I enjoyed reading this, and these ten best gifts will surly benefit all children.
    I, in particular, dwell on the responsibly issue, as I have found that many adults tend to shy away from this: Adults need to be responsible for their actions, and can only teach their children this by example. It is so much easier to place blame on someone else or something else than to admit one as faltered.
    Owning up to being human, and making mistakes is a good way to show responsibility.
    I love this article, material things are just that… material. Instilling these ten gifts will indeed provide a child with long lasting effects.
    Thanks for sharing your article.


  2. Malini said on December 30th at 7:23 am:

    Dear Aunty,

    These are the best gifts any parent can give to their children.
    More so in this present world.
    I wish we all can incalcate these values in our everyday lives and show our children the right path.
    Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. panditbv said on December 30th at 8:53 am:

    For parents these are as good as the “Ten Commandments!”
    Best wishes,

  4. Gabby said on December 30th at 4:42 pm:

    Thanks so much Nancy for your ongoing encouragement and support to My Bright Child.

    You are absolutely right about the importance of adults taking on greater responsibility and teaching the same to their children by their own example.

    Thanks again!

  5. Carol said on December 30th at 8:25 pm:

    What a wonderful guide for those readers looking to improve their parenting skills. Ten wonderful tips every parent might take under consideration. This article is a gift to parents.

  6. Gabby said on December 31st at 5:29 pm:

    Thanks Carol, coming from you my one-time mentor and a continual source of inspiration, your kind words are truly appreciated.

    God Bless!

  7. Gabby said on December 31st at 5:38 pm:

    Thank You all for your visit to My Bright Child and for your gracious comments.

    With a stream of ongoing support from readers like you, I am confident that my friend and dedicated founder of ‘My Bright Child’ Pratibha Kujjur will meet with greater success in the years to come.

    I take this opportunity to wish the dynamic couple, Pratibha & Livio Kujjur & their two adorable kids All the Very Best for 2011 & Beyond!

    Gool B.

  8. Deanne Klinker said on January 3rd at 6:40 pm:

    Lovely sharp post. Never thought that it was this easy. Extolment to you!

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