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The only audio/visual parenting classes on the Internet – By Nathalie Kretzmann

These are not ordinary online classes that involve lengthy reading. You hear the professional speaking, and watch a PowerPoint Presentation. Classes are available for immediate viewing on your computer, and are accessible 24/7. Each class is $10 and is about 1.5 hours long. Online since 2001. Certificates available for courts or foster care / adoption.


Class 1 – The Foundation of Love

This class focuses on nurturing and family bonding, because children whose emotional needs are met will respond better to discipline.

Class 2 – Positive Discipline

Class 3 – More About Discipline

Class 4 – Keeping Calm When Kids Push Your Buttons (Anger Management)

Class 5 – Preparation for the Teen Years

Class 6 – Teen Discipline

Class 7 – Tough Teen Issues

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