Raising a *Bright* Child: Is it possible?

Author: Gool Bugwadia

Yes indeed, under certain predetermined conditions, it is possible to raise a bright child. Raising children is a joy and a privilege! Raising your child to be a * bright* child can indeed be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences you can ever have.

Although a segment of the child’s *brightness* may have something to do with genetics, a bright child need not always be a ‘gifted’ child. Studies indicate that in many instances, it is the parent’s degree of commitment that can make a BIG difference!  Bright children are not created in a vacuum; there are several factors that come into play- – - the most important being parental involvement.

Informed Parenting is the Key.

Here are seven essential elements that are critical to raising a bright child:

1~ Plan ahead

Remember: the earlier you begin to plan this process, the better it can be for your child. Make a list of short term and long term goals you have for your child. Note down the specific requirements for each goal to be fulfilled, set age-appropriate time frames and carefully review the goals to make sure that the goals you set, match your child’s capabilities and can be attainable for YOUR child.

2 ~ Think positively

Adopting a positive bent of mind can have a direct bearing on your capability to raise a bright child. It is your perspective on life and habit of thinking that can largely determine how your child turns out to be. Parents, who are confident and strongly believe in their child’s potential, can inspire positive thoughts in their child. By sending clear, positive messages, they can significantly enhance their child’s performance and contribute to that coveted streak of brightness.

3  ~ Ensure good health

Good health is of prime importance resulting in a healthy state of mind and body. It is the prime requisite of developing one’s intellectual prowess. Teach your child to eat balanced meals, get sufficient sleep and exercise regularly. These habits when formed early, can contribute greatly to keeping your child in top working condition.

4 ~ Communicate effectively

Spending quality time with your child and communicating effectively, can usher in a bright new beginning for your child, yielding a remarkable influence in his/her young life. Parents, who habitually practice this directive through intelligent discussions and stimulating conversations, have a strong possibility of not only raising a bright child, but subsequently creating a bright future for their child.

5 ~ Provide an enriched environment

Children, whose parents provide an enriched environment, are known to cultivate an alert state of mind. Let your child experience the rich benefits of the fine arts by taking him/her to art galleries and museums or create a love for music by giving him/her a taste of musical concerts or dance performances. Field trips to petting zoos, farms and orchards, can become highly interesting and invigorating learning experiences for your child.

6 ~ Foster love of learning

It is up to parents to foster an interest and love of learning. Making frequent trips to the local library would be a good idea. Educators believe that reading books to children at an early age, even if the child has not yet begun to understand the concept of words can be highly beneficial for their intellectual growth. It is the repetition of the sound of the words that can help your child to develop language skills at an early age.

7 ~ Encourage independence

Encourage your child’s drive towards independence; let him/her think independently instead of rushing in to provide answers. Experts believe that bright children are known to have an enquiring mind; they habitually take keen interest in learning things around them. It is these children who are generally deemed to be “bright” by their teachers and class-mates; it is they, who work hard, do better and are successful. Encouraging your child’s problem-solving skill  can raise your child’s self-confidence and escalate his/her capability to further heights.

~ Conclusion

Bright children are indeed the pride of their parents. Parents, who make good use of their time and resources, seldom fail. They are quick to perceive their child’s strengths and are positively appreciative of their child’s efforts. They understand that each child is unique, having a fine set of distinctive qualities. They strongly believe that raising a *bright* child can yield rich dividends that can last a lifetime.

Source: Quick Guide to Good Kids by Virginia Bentz, Ph.D.

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  1. Nancy Browne said on December 10th at 3:52 pm:

    Miss Gool,

    Your article adds good essential elements for raising a “bright” child.
    In particular, I think your statement here is more than quite accurate:

    “Although a segment of the child’s *brightness* may have something to do with genetics, a bright child need not always be a ‘gifted’ child.”

    From my own experience, I have found that children develop at different stages in life, and someone who struggles when they are young, can indeed become intelligent and bright later on in life.

    Raising children is a tough job in itself, and trying to raise them properly, with good morals and standard, compassion, etc. is well worth it, but it does take a great deal of involvement and patience. Reading articles like you have provided here is a good step in obtaining that goal.

    Another well written article that I hope parents will read and practice.
    Thank you for sharing your wise words.

    Nancy Browne

  2. Kashmera said on December 10th at 9:51 pm:

    This happens to be one of my favorite articles on parenting not purely from a factually standpoint but more so from an emotional one.

    This article takes me back in time to cherish some of my childhood memories and reflect on some experiences that shaped me as an individual with a curious state of mind. I distinctly remember my most memorable part of my childhood was when my sister and I would huddle up with Mom as she would sit with us, read out Aesop Fables, children stories, play a quick game of Scrabble or Boggle, our weekly outings to the neighborhood parks and zoos and share with us some tidbits of knowledge along the way. We would never get direct answers to our questions and would always have to rummage through world-books and dictionaries …..much to our dismay at times especially when we’d want a quick direct answer. But in hindsight it was this habit that nurtured my love for reading and fostered a curious state of mind which not only helped me in achieving academic success but helped me in becoming a well rounded personality.

    After 20 odd years, roles have interchanged from a ’6 year old’ to a ‘Mom’ whose life revolves around her 10 month old bundle of joy. Now it’s my turn to share some of those life experiences and learnings with her. After all, every parent wants to raise a mini Einstein and I am no exception and with loads of love, warmth, patience and dedication it shall be a wonderful experience for both of us…Fingers Crossed !!

  3. Gabby said on December 12th at 5:10 pm:

    Thanks Nancy & Kash for your valuable comments.

    You both have great insights to share with parents.

    Much appreciated.

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