The Essence of Positive Parenting

Author: Gool Bugwadia

Practicing positive parenting is a skill that can be mastered by any parent. It stems from the core ingredient: “interest” on the part of parents to make a powerfully positive impact on every aspect of their child’s life. Genuine, heartfelt interest is the key to positive parenting. Practicing it consistently on a daily basis can open doors for your child like never before. We, at My Bright Child invite you to read on and partake of its essence.

Here are some valuable positive parenting tips designed especially for the benefit of your child:

Tip #1 Focus on your intent

All parents harbor an innate desire and a natural intent of raising their child to be a competent, responsible and successful adult. However, as each child has a unique aptitude, the specific intent of each parent may differ accordingly. Some parents maybe keen on academics, while others may lay more stress on sports or the fine arts. Based on your child’s aptitude and interest, you can gauge what your goals will be for your child. Only then, you will be in a better position to chart out a well-formulated plan that can enable you to steer your child in the appropriate direction.

Tip # 2 Instill a positive self-image

Dr. Tim Johnson once stated on ABC television network, “A positive self-concept is more important than learning facts and figures. How children feel about their own capabilities is the foundation for what they can accomplish throughout their lives.” The essence of positive parenting lies in instilling a positive self-image in your child by acknowledging your child’s potential and concentrating on what he/she can do instead of drawing attention to what your child cannot do. For instance, a positive remark, “I am sure you can do better, let us work together on your Math skill this week-end” can be most uplifting and self-assuring; while a negative comment, “You are horrid in Math!” can be most detrimental to your child’s self-image.

Tip # 3 Inculcate values

Inculcating strong values in your child along with a deep sense of purpose is the essence of positive parenting. Values like honesty, integrity, sense of right and wrong, kindness and respect amongst others, are marks of a fine personality- – - contributing to one’s personal development. Parents can best inculcate values in their children by their own example. This entails consistency in parental behavior at all times; parents cannot expect their child to be honest or respectful if they themselves fail to endorse these by their own behavior and attitude.

Tip # 4 Provide encouragements

Encouragements by way of positive feedbacks, can convey to your child that he/she is valued and worthy of your approbation. Your child will thrive on it! Taking time to regularly give your child positive attention, listening carefully to what your child has to say without interruptions and frequently using words of praise like, “Good job!” or “Well done on your test” can work wonders for your child. Encouragements are indeed the focal essence of positive parenting.

Tip #5 Establish practical standards of behavior

The structure you provide in your home, can give your child an indication of the nature of behavior you expect from him/her. The essence of positive parenting lies in establishing practical standards of behavior aimed  at making a child feel secure in his/her environment. A predictable environment in your home like knowing that home-work has to be completed before family dinner and television time can be only be during week-ends, can make it easier for your child to follow the rules and trust your authority as parents. Establishing practical standards of behavior motivate children to follow disciplinary rules out of a desire to do it right and simply not out of fear of punishment.


There are myriad aspects to positive parenting; being a good role model to your child is the prime essence of positive parenting. Research studies conducted by experts and educators clearly indicate the rich benefits of positive parenting on children from all walks of life – - – irrespective of the parent’s race, culture or academic and social status.

Parents, who set positively appropriate routines in their homes, can usher in joy and positivity in the family. Remember: your child will turn into an adult sooner than you think! Enjoying the cherished moments in time while they last- – -can be the most rewarding outcome of positive parenting.

Sources:  The Power of Positive Parenting by Dr. Glenn Latham, Positive Parenting from A to Z by Karen R. Joslin

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  1. Carol said on December 15th at 1:42 pm:

    I love this article on positive parenting, for I believe positive reinforcement is the key to raising children with healthy self-esteem. Kudos for highlighting a pivotal subject for parents seeking helpful strategies for improving their parenting skills.

  2. Nancy Browne said on December 15th at 3:38 pm:

    Miss Gool,

    A well informed article for parents today. Positive parenting is definitely a benefit to children, and I think, a positive attitude helps.
    I found your “inculcate values” very interesting, and especially important. Children learn by example, and by watching their parents. So parents need to provide their children with good, and honest values. Instilled in children at an early age, it will be a great benefit to them for life.
    Again another great article; I think all parents should take time to read this…it is very important when raising children.
    Thank you for sharing this positive write.

    Nancy Browne

  3. W. Diane Van Zwol said on December 17th at 2:37 pm:

    Hi Gool,
    Positive parenting is something that there can never be enough of, but it is often difficult to get parents to participate. Take care and God bless, Diane

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