About us

When we were kids, there were so many questions that we often asked. Questions like, why is the sun on fire? Where do babies come from? What is death? These questions reflect pure innocence and the mentality that our children keep at that tender age. To protect this mentality and to show the right direction, we team up with a group of experts who help find these riddled answers which can be easily understood by the children.

Experts have analyzed that if we overlook these little questions by giving in random answers, it can hamper their capability to learn and think at that age. To help you with the right answers, our panel of specialists share tips and information to help nurture young minds.

My Bright Child, is a project conceptualized, sponsored and executed by our company Designcreed Ltd, a web design and consultancy firm based in Mauritius. The website design, the content and the overall promotion of the idea is undertaken by the team, our acquaintances and experts who share the passion to know more about the way a child thinks and can be made to think.

Through this website, we intend to share day to day stories from parents and articles about “parenting in the 21st century” that can help each of us understand our children better.

Since “Children’s happiness begins with the parent’s happiness“, we’ll also share tips from experts for the well being of parents.

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