Thirst for wellbeing

Author: Vasco Gaspar

Imagine that you have a car that can reach upto a maximum of 200 km / h. One day, you suddenly have an emergency and you really need to rush to the maximum speed but despite the accelerator pedal being fully pressed, the car fails to even exceed 160 km / h. Wouldn’t that be very frustrating?

Now making a parallel to our body and to its need for water, it is estimated that just a 1% reduction in terms of hydration can cause your muscles to yield a loss of up to 20% in efficiency. This for a competing athlete, for example, can make a huge difference because it can determine his coming in first or… last in the competiton!

Water is indeed essential for us to function to the fullest and has a direct impact on our well being. But have you ever wondered why is it so important? This is mainly due to the fact that it has something to do with our structure, since our body is mostly composed of water (some organs like the lungs will even be 85% composed of water). It is also used in countless biological processes, such as in the transportation of nutrients, elimination of toxins, maintaining body heat, among many others.

Let us discover why drinking water is so important for our health and life…

- The decrease of water in the body not only affects the behavior of the muscles but also increases the risk of cancer and accelerates the aging process.

- Want to have a more beautiful, elastic and less flabby skin? Want to have better bowel function? Drinking water can be a first step to solve these issues.

- Do you often feel tired, unfocused or with headaches? Who knows, may be just drinking a glass of water can help, since these are the common symptoms of dehydration.

- A quick curiosity: have you ever experienced waking up with dry mouth and a big headache after a night where you drank some alchool? Did you know that this was mainly due to lack of water because alcohol dehydrates the body? Nothing like a good few glasses of water before bedtime to avoid or substantially reduce the likelihood of a hangover.

Since water is so important, now the question is how much should we consume daily? It is estimated that the ideal amount is around an average of 2.5 liters, part of it being ingested through food and the rest directly by drinking. The reason why is it so important to consume this amount every day is that because all the water that enters your body comes out through urine, faeces, perspiration and breathing itself.

So it all seems clear that, if you wish to have a healthy body, a greater sense of well-being and a greater immunity to diseases, in short if you have the “thirst for well being”, you just have one simple thing to do: drink water.

Here are a few tips that can help you form a habit of drinking water:

- Use a timer to beep at regular intervals (or every hour) to remind you to drink water.
- Don’t rely on thirst (too late). Drink before you feel thirsty.
- If you don’t like water, alternate it with drinking tea
- Drink water before, during and after any physical activity.
- Drink water in a mindful way, i.e. tasting each drop, feeling it in your lips, your tongue, your stomach, etc…
- Use the act of drinking as a moment of pause, even if it’s only for 30 seconds.

But remember that forming a habit is a responsibility that each person must embrace. If you really want to be on the journey to improve your health, you will always find the time and place to drink water. It all depends on how you discipline and respect to your own self.

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