Tips for improving your parenting skills

Author: Gool Bugwadia

Parenting has never been easy. Although the joys of parenting are enormous, it is indeed a hard and serious responsibility. We can’t always be perfect parents; but we can certainly gain insights from the experiences of others proficient in this field. Like any other skill, the underlying principles of parenting can be improved upon by all parents, especially by those who are truly interested in the “total” development of their child.

Parents naturally want the very best for their children. They want their children to develop into responsible, competent and successful human beings; incorporating a simple 3-P formula can be most helpful to parents. This proven formula is based on three principles namely practice, patience, and persistence. Studies indicate that any parent can improve his/her parenting skills by using a balanced combination of the above 3-P’s.

Research studies indicate that parents, who habitually practice patience with persistence, stand a very good chance of raising successful kids. Children need to be dealt with patience through all the stages of their development. Parents need to be persistent and make a concentrated effort to never give up on their child or on the insights gained. And most importantly, parents need to put into practice the following tips by making sure to give their valuable time and unconditional love to their children.

To further improve your parenting skills, here are three essential tips you can adopt:

Tip #1- Have a clear vision

Begin by asking yourself, “What is it that I really want for my children?” You would need to have a clear vision of what you really want to achieve as parents. Your perception may differ from that of your relative or friend. But whatever your personal vision may be, giving it your focused attention can help you in all your future inter-actions with your children. It can spur you on to setting long-term and short-term goals for your child; it can motivate you to use your vision as a guiding post in all aspects of parenting.

Tip #2- Know your child

Each child is uniquely different; each child may have a distinctive potential for development in one field or the other. It is up to you as parents to discover your child’s talents and strengths; for some it could be science and technology while to others it could be arts or sports. It is only by getting to know your child better, you could gauge your child’s interest and abilities; it is only by spending quality time with your child, you could motivate him/her to perform better.

Tip #3- Inspire a sense of purpose

Parents can be the best mentors to their children. There are several ways parents can inspire a sense of purpose in their children. To begin with, parents can ingrain basic values like honesty, respect and kindness in their children- – - which are all the fundamentals of good character. Parents can also help their children to be independent and responsible, for it is these character traits that can enable their children to be accomplished and productive as adults. The best strategy parents can use is to teach their kids by their own example and provide them with myriad opportunities for their all-round development– -physical, intellectual and emotional.

- Conclusion

No amount of parenting tips can make you a perfect parent. However, we hope that knowledge gained from the above insights can make you an effective parent and improve your parenting skills. We, at ‘My Bright Child’ urge you to develop a reservoir of “inner” strength and look upon your parenting role as a unique privilege. In the final analysis, it is up to you to determine what works best for you and your child.

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  1. lokemun magar said on October 27th at 2:22 am:

    Thanks for the reminder about the 3 P’s!

  2. roshan said on October 27th at 9:54 am:

    No matter how old we grow , or how experienced we be, we are still learning to be good protective parents.

  3. Sudhir Pradhan said on October 27th at 11:04 am:

    The presentation of 3P’s must be followed by all parents and grand parents too. The writer has applied a scientific method and child philosophy to help parents who are so engrossed in their day to day busy schedule. I am positive that this article will help in upbringing of little diamonds for many more years.

  4. Nancy said on October 27th at 2:52 pm:

    Good article, sound advice.

  5. Linda said on October 27th at 11:55 pm:

    The children of today are the society
    of the future. It is important that they
    are raised well by loving, responsible
    parents. Thanks for the tips

  6. Carol said on October 28th at 6:14 am:

    Great tips presented in a clear and concise manner that will surely benefit new parents, and seasoned parents, who desire to hone their parenting skills.

    Kudos to the author of this well-written piece!

  7. Gabby said on November 4th at 2:03 am:

    Thanks to all parents, grandparents and well-wishers for your insightful comments.

    We at My Bright Child wish that many more parents would take parenting seriously for they are the ones who are the nurturers of our Future Generations.


  8. B.V.Pandit said on November 7th at 9:15 am:

    It’s said that “the child is the father of a man”. The three tips aptly serve as guidelines in parenting. Thanks.

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